Walter Pless on Association Football Thu, 26 May 2016 00:27:13 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Dane Hudson parts company with Northern Rangers

Dane Hudson is watching

Photo:  Rangers coach Dane Hudson, who resigned this week.  Did he lose the dressing room? [PlessPix]

Dane Hudson has resigned as coach of Northern Rangers.

He is the second top-flight coach to have resigned this season following the departure of Kingborough Lions United’s Colin Robbins.{jcomments on}

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Gap opening up between top three and the rest in top flight

J Turner Pearce and Hall

Photo:  Kingborough's Damian Pearce hemmed in by South Hobart's Jack Turner and Darcy Hall [PlessPix]

Devonport City stayed top of the PS4 NPL Tasmania standings with a convincing 5-2 win over reigning champions Olympia Warriors at Valley Road on Saturday.

Gavin Hoy gave the visitors the lead in the 6th minute, but Brayden Mann equalised for the league leaders midway through the first half.{jcomments on}

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Sunday results - 22 May 2016

E Engels congratulated

Photo: Ethan Engels is congratulated by his Glenorchy Knights team-mates after scoring the first of his two goals against Taroona today [PlessPix]

Southern Championship Men’s (Sunday)

Glenorchy Knights 2 (E Engels 2) beat-Taroona 1 (S James)

University 5-1 Southern FC{jcomments on}

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Saturday results - 21 May 2016

D Brown and Cuthbertson

Photo:  South Hobart's Daniel Brown (left) and Kingborough's Nick Cuthbertson vie for a header [PlessPix]

PS4 NPL Tasmania

Kingborough Lions United 0 lost to South Hobart 3 (B Hamlett 10’, A Leszczynski 53’, A Walter 82’)

Devonport City 5 (B Mann 24', 79', M Barnard 41', 55', K Mulraney 53') beat Olympia Warriors 2 (G Hoy 6', Syson og 43')

Northern Rangers 0 lost to Clarence United 4 (A Robb 48', 62', A Hedge 50', P Bremner 74'){jcomments on}

Launceston City 1 (D Rossi 75' pen) lost to Hobart Zebras 2 (A McKeown 52', 71')

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University could be the new leaders if Knights and Taroona draw

M Nowicki crosses 19 01 11

Photo:  Mathew Nowicki (left) in action for Knights against Taroona in 2011.  He is suspended for Sunday's clash [PlessPix]

The 10-team Southern Championship seems like an exciting competition and I can hardly wait to catch the Glenorchy Knights versus Taroona top-of-the-table clash at KGV Park at 2.30pm on Sunday.

For once, I am glad there is no top-flight game on because it gives me the opportunity to sample what the second-tier has to offer.{jcomments on}

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South Hobart could be first or second by Saturday night

Graham Glynn the No 10

Photo:  Graham Glynn (No.10) scored for Olympia on his debut.  Can he score against Devonport? [PlessPix]

South Hobart will have a genuine chance of moving into second place on the PS4 NPL Tasmania standings on Saturday.

They are currently third, 2 points adrift of leaders Devonport City and one behind second-placed Hobart Zebras.{jcomments on}

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Amateur transfer policy makes top flight a Mickey Mouse League

Conway Sam 14 May 2016 blog

Photo:  Sam Conway in action for Hobart Zebras last Saturday [PlessPix]

Hobart Zebras midfielder, Sam Conway, 25, has moved to Kingborough Lions United.

Conway joined Zebras this season after the Summer Cup and made his debut in the second half of Zebras’ 4-0 win over Clarence United on 2 April 2016.{jcomments on}

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Chances of Warriors retaining their title fading fast

B Hamlett celebrates goal

Photo:  South Hobart's Ben Hamlett leaps for joy after scoring and putting his side ahead against Olympia [PlessPix]

Olympia Warriors will find it very difficult to retain the league title.

That much is evident following the Warriors’ 5-1 defeat at the hands of South Hobart at South Hobart Oval on Sunday.{jcomments on}

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Sunday results - 15 May 2016

C Schmidt and Vafakos

Photo:  South Hobart's Connor Schmidt (left) gets in a cross despite George Vafakos's efforts to cut out the ball [PlessPix]

PS4 NPL Tasmania

South Hobart 5 (D Hall 33’, B Hamlett 49’, 58’, N Morton 64’, A Leszczynski 72’) beat Olympia Warriors 1 (G Glynn 22’){jcomments on}

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Saturday results - 14 May 2016

M Pace and Anderson

Photo:  Northern Rangers' Tenzing Anderson clears the ball as Hobart Zebras' Matt Pace rushes in [PlessPix]

PS4 NPL Tasmania

Hobart Zebras 3 (D Walsh 1’, L Huigsloot 39’, J Hey 69’ pen) drew with Northern Rangers 3 (P Lanau-Atkinson 58’, J Palacio 65’, N Lanau-Atkinson 70’)

Devonport City 5 (B Denehey 9', 43', J Zupo 19', B Mann 45' 87') beat Clarence United 0{jcomments on}

Launceston City 1 (A Campbell 30') beat Kingborough Lions United 0

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Zebras should stay ahead of the pack

Edwards and Shaw

Photo:  Kingborough Lions United technical director, Simon Edwards (left), introduces the club's new senior coach, Ian Shaw, to the media today [PlessPix]

PS4 NPL leaders Hobart Zebras can be thankful they face bottom-side Northern Rangers at 2pm at KGV Park on Saturday and not a more formidable opponent.

Zebras’ squad has dwindled in terms of numbers and they will not be fielding their strongest line-up against Rangers.{jcomments on}

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More Sunday snaps from the big one

1 Moody and Pitchford

Photo:  Hobart Zebras' defender Henry Moody is escorted off by Gary Pitchford after suffering a first-half injury against South Hobart in Sunday's match [PlessPix]

Sunday's showdown between Hobart Zebras and South Hobart fizzled out to a tame 2-2 draw, but there was plenty of drama before the final whistle, as these photos show.{jcomments on}

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More snaps from Saturday's showdowns

7 Scorer Mearns

Photo:  Goalscorer Nick Mearns (centre) is congratulated by Olympia team-mates warren Wadawu (No.7) and Vincent Kamano [PlessPix]

This article features more photos from Saturday's games between Kingborough Lions United and Clarence United, and Olympia Warriors and Launceston City.{jcomments on}

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Unsatisfactory draw leaves Zebras top and South wondering what might have been

H Moody and Leszczynski

Photo:  Zebras' Henry Moody (left) and South's Alex Leszczynski in a heading duel [PlessPix]

Hobart Zebras clung to top spot on the PS4 NPL Tasmania standings despite only drawing 2-2 with third-placed South Hobart at KGV Park on Sunday.

Devonport City held on to second spot after beating bottom-side Northern Rangers 2-0 away in Launceston on Saturday.{jcomments on}

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