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Photo:  Brayden Mann (left) and Joel Stone have left Devonport City for South Hobart and Tilford Zebras, respectively [PlessPix]

Joel Stone’s transfer from Devonport City to Tilford Zebras has set tongues wagging.

 Devonport City president, Rod Andrews, issued the following statement today:

 “Over the weekend, we, the Board and Coaching staff of the Devonport Strikers, were informed that Victory League star Joel Stone will be moving to Hobart. It’s our understanding that Joel will sign with the Tilford Zebras over the next few days.

Joel’s departure comes just four weeks away from the beginning of the season, and a week after 2013 Victory League Golden Boot winner Brayden Mann announced his departure from the coast. Naturally, as a club and as a community, we have been devastated by these departures, so close to the beginning of the season.

It’s important to understand that we have no animosity or grudge against the players involved or the clubs who have successfully poached Brayden and Joel (let’s not mince words here, whatever way it’s spun, they have been poached), but it’s important that supporters of this fantastic Statewide concept understand the end result of this.

Put simply, if clubs in the North become nothing more than feeder clubs to the cashed up clubs in the South (our players are not the only ones who have been offered inducements to move to Hobart), I fear for the future of the league, as we simply cannot sustain player losses of this level.

It’s no secret that in terms of junior development we punch way above our weight up here, and the entire North West Coast sporting community should be proud of the achievements of all four Coastal clubs in terms the players we continue to produce. We celebrate our success with players like Jeremy Walker, and Jesse Curran, making their way at Hyundai A-League Clubs, as we see this as an obvious positive step in their respective football futures. However, we see little if any benefit for the league, club or players, if they simply move sideways to clubs in the same level of competition as ours.

While our supporters, player group and importantly the junior fans who come and watch these ‘local heroes’ play are shattered by these shock departures, the Devonport City Soccer Club (and indeed the North West Coast as a whole) is made up of individuals with character, pride and single minded determination. Rest assured we will not sit back and accept these losses, and will respond accordingly.

Rod Andrews




+2 #86 Careful 2014-03-09 09:35
Careful what you say here Dport Pres, what you imply these clubs are doing to you is similar to what v-league clubs are doing to non v-league clubs. It's becoming a case of the 'haves' and 'have-nots'. Just sayin'
0 #85 Burnie Buster 2014-03-01 08:57
Dear Devonport....Wh ile the money and the jobs are more prevalent in the city of Hobart there will always be a drain on the regional/ country centres. Well football is not on its own, we have always fed the capitals cities with our talented players from all sports and mainstream industry. Your job is to keep developing the talent if you want to survive. Seek the best development coaches. Is there a FFT full time development coach in the North/NW? Doesn't Devonport have a voice or vote on the board to remedy this shortfall? I am sure the FFT are happy taking your money whilst only servicing HOBART.
0 #84 Anonymous 2014-03-01 06:46
Get him a tissue. Club needs to move forward two over rated players leave should hold club together 11 players make a team not two!
+2 #83 Anonymous 2014-02-28 02:47
#81 - I'm well aware of what was written. I can read. The complaining that you highlight is in there. However, I was referring to the purpose or motivation behind the release of the statement. Not about how it was realised in its actualisation or how it is perceived by others.

Do you think that Devonport's president sat down and though the best way to handle this matter would be to write a whining, complaining letter that shows "total resentment and insecurity" by having a "massive moan"? You honestly think that was the aim of the exercise?

It was not. The show of solidarity and strength was the intention and theme. The byproduct of attempting to do that in this format, whilst touching on the issues at hand in an honest and deliberate manner, is the "complaining". Perhaps it was an endeavour fraught with danger from the outset. Rather conceivably, the only possible result of this was the reaction from some people that we have seen - in which case, not making a statement at all may have been the best course of action.

All I am trying to do is elucidate the motivation behind the issuing of the statement - not to shy away from what was written. Did the purpose of the letter match its manifestation? Depends on who you ask I guess...and what you want the point of it be.
+3 #82 Anonymous 2014-02-28 02:21
Didn't port poach Mann and stone last year from Ulverston?????
+2 #81 Anonymous 2014-02-27 12:39
80# What are you smoking? You choose to ignore 90% of the letter.

The large majority of that letter clearly complains-
It tries to pick holes. Player movement, north/ south,feeding clubs, money, timing and 'poaching'( which wasn't totally true either)

Less than one third of the letter( at the end) talks about 'solidarity' or moving on. And one third may suggest 'solidarity' or 'strength' but only club success and results would show that. What it actually shows is total resentment and insecurity.
-1 #80 Anonymous 2014-02-27 11:22
Quoting Anonymous:
76- If its just a statement about moving on, then why do they need to tell everyone about it?? It was a massive moan, dont over complicate it.

I thought I just explained why the statement was issued? Did you read what I wrote?

I'll keep it brief this time...

1. It was a show of solidarity from and for everyone involved at the Devonport City Soccer Club.

2. It was a show of strength to let other clubs know that despite the setback that Devonport will do their darndest to remain competitive and will not be raising the white flag at any stage(whatever your opinion on the matter, whether you deem in major, minor, significant, insignificant, fair or unfair - it is till a setback to lose two players named in the VL team of the year a few weeks out from season).
+4 #79 Anonymous 2014-02-27 04:36
Quoting Anonymous:
Embarrassing for Port that Stone has come out to say he contacted Zebs president. Especially since Rod mentioned both players being poached. Maybe Mann was but not Stone.

more a reflection on Stone for mine. According to Nick Owen, Joel said he'd play for 'port than hawked himself to another club.

He may also be on the pine a bit at Zebs if Cairns and the Cameroonian actually turn up as reported in today's Mercury.
+6 #78 Anonymous 2014-02-27 03:39
Embarrassing for Port that Stone has come out to say he contacted Zebs president. Especially since Rod mentioned both players being poached. Maybe Mann was but not Stone.
+2 #77 Anonymous 2014-02-27 00:38
76- If its just a statement about moving on, then why do they need to tell everyone about it?? It was a massive moan, dont over complicate it.

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